Student Journal

Morgan Green '12 is a Theater and Human Rights Major. She will be spending her summer in the West Bank and sending us regular updates about her trip.

May 20, 2010

I am very excited to be accompanying a group of fifteen incredibly dedicated and diverse Bard students on a cultural exchange in the West Bank. We will be teaching a children's summer camp in the village of Mas-Ha that focuses on using art as expression. I am looking forward to leading theater games as well as directing a Greek tragedy, in Arabic, with the women of the village.

I believe that working with children in Palestine this summer is a positive step towards peace in the Middle East. Our relationship with this village will expand both parties' knowledge of the world. I greatly look forward to this trip, but try to remain without expectation, for I know there is no way I can expect what is to come accurately.

We will be in Mas-Ha teaching and learning in the month of August. The three week summer camp will culminate in a festival to show off to the community and the country our efforts. The children will get a chance to perform what they have learned. The Palestinian Minister of Education is a confirmed guest for this event!

The group of Bard students traveling together has been growing closer as a result of our efforts to raise money for this trip. We have been doing trainings with various groups on campus (theater, expressive arts, language, etc.) in order to prepare ourselves to each and fit in. The language barrier is on obstacle that frightens me, but there are many activities we have planned in which we can communicate without the use of language. I am most looking forward to our Saturdays, to which we have devoted to cooking all day with the kids.