Howard Good '73


Everything Reminds Me of Me, poems by Howie Good '73 (Desperanto, 2011)

"Everything Reminds Me Of Me" includes an eclectic mix of free verse and prose poetry. Many of the poems were written during a particularly difficult period in Good's life and bear witness to the hazards of human relationships and the treachery of human consciousness. But while often dealing with dark subjects, the poems aren't without exuberance or humor. Good's poems shoot off images that surprise, provoke, and delight. In "Everything Reminds Me Of Me," readers will find a poet whose flashing little poems lure them into poignant contemplation of the beautiful and the damned.

Heart with a Dirty Windshield, poems by Howie Good '73 (BeWrite Books, 2010)

BeWrite Books is delighted to announce today’s release of Heart with a Dirty Windshield, a sole-author collection by Howie Good, one of the most powerful voices on today’s poetry scene.

Howie is author of twenty-three poetry chapbooks, including Police and Questions (2008) from Right Hand Pointing, Tomorrowland (2008) from Achilles Chapbooks, The Torturer’s Horse (2009) from Recycled Karma Press and Love Is a UFO (2009) from Pudding House. He has been nominated four times for a Pushcart Prize and three times for the Best of the Net anthology. His first full-length book of poetry, Lovesick, was published last year by The Poetry Press.

This from Howie himself, a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz:

I try in my poetry to challenge reader expectations in hopes of creating a space for a kind of spooky wonder. My poems seem to have scenes, characters and plot, but the relationship among these traditional components of narrative is frequently frayed and strange.

The poems proceed not by linear logic, but the fractured logic of dreams, especially bad dreams. I am less interested in telling what happened than in telling how what happened felt. It’s for this purpose that I seek images that are concrete, elusive, accessible and mysterious all at once. Images are maps to areas of thought and feeling untraceable by other means.

I also try in my poetry to make a virtue of succinctness. In fact, one of the defining characteristics of poetry for me is that it suggests a lot with a little. Prose can be discursive, but I see poetry as the most concentrated form of literary expression. It’s the difference, if you will, between the spread of a shotgun blast and the precision of a rifle shot.

Rumble Strip, poems by Howie Good '73 (Propaganda Press, 2010)

Quarter-page-sized, laser-printed, saddle-stapled poetry chapbook.

Scene of the Accident, poems by Howie Good '73 (Knives, Forks, and Spoons Press, 2010)


The sunken oldĀ­
man face

of the sunflower
by my door,

its seeds
like sealed


purple gray