Books By Bardians

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All alumni/ae authors are welcome to submit their books for inclusion on this page. Simply send a jpeg of the cover, a blurb about its contents, a review or two, and the book's publisher and date to We would also welcome a copy of the book, which we'll include in the Bardiana collection in the library on campus. Mail to: Alumni/ae Office, Bard College, PO Box 5000, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

Chapbooks are welcome, as are books that you have edited, illustrated, or had a part in. We simply ask that the books still be in print.

New titles authored by alumni/ae can be submitted to the Books by Bardians section of The Bardian as well, by mailing the book to the address above.


Empire / El Pueblo
Sam Logan '10

Everything Reminds Me of Me
Howie Good '73

The Immanence of Myth
James Curcio '01

Cartographies of Silence
Eric Vatne '91

The Concession Stand
Arpine Konyalian Grenier '98

We Have Your Husband
Mark Ebner '82

The Gorillas of Gill Park
Amy Gordon '72

Little Pink Book
Renee Khatami '77

Return to Gill Park
Amy Gordon '72

Eve La Salle Caram '56

Hard Landing
Rick Smith '65

Taking the Field
Howard Megdal '07

Pedestrian Photographs
Larry Merrill '71
Painting the sidewalk with water
Joan Tollifson '70
Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl
Daniel Pinkwater '63
4x1, edited and translated by
Pierre Joris '69
Meditations on the Stations
of Mansour al-Hallaj
Pierre Joris '69
Justifying the Margins
Pierre Joris '69
Caviar Crimes
Jonathan Schwartz '64

Carnal Knowledge
Photos by Malerie Marder '93
Point Sal
Jonathan Schwartz '64
Mr. Bluebird
Gerry Gomez Pearlberg '83

Flying Pictures
Photos by Daniel Gordon '04
Talking With God
Roger D. Isaacs '49

Heart with a Dirty Windshield
Howie Good '73
Rumble Strip
Howie Good '73

Scene of the Accident
Howie Good '73
Making the Political
Leigh K. Jenco '99
The Investor's Guide to Hedge Funds
Lee Kessler '78 et al

Behind Embassy Walls
The Hon. Brandon Grove '50
Pasta Sfoglia
with Susan Simon '67
The Rituals and Rhetoric of
Queenship, with essay by
Kristin Bundesen '81

Shopping in Marrakech
by Susan Simon '67
The Baseball Talmud
Howard Megdal '07

The Lower East Side
with photos by Paul Margolis '76
Sex, Drag, and Male Roles
Diane Torr MFA '04
Elizabeth Royte '81

The Tapir's Morning Bath
Elizabeth Royte '81
Translation by Kevin O'Brien '72

Evo Morales
Translation by Braden Marks '06
The Family Whistle
Lee Kessler '78
Garbage Land
Elizabeth Royte '81

Defending the Rights of Others
Carole Fink '60
Human Rights in Europe since 1945
Carole Fink '60 et al, editors
Marc Bloch
Carole Fink '60

1956: European and Global Perspectives
Carole Fink '60 et al, editors
Ostpolitik, 1969-1974
Carole Fink '60 et al, editors
Genoa, Rapallo, and European Reconstruction in 1922
Carole Fink '60 et al, editors
Between State and Nation
Myra Waterbury '94
Sandra Phillips '67
Luminous & Ominous
Noah K. Mulette-Gillman '95
From Madness to Mental Health
Edited by Greg Eghigian '83
Fun and Games
Photographs by Lisa Kereszi '95

Emily Rubin '78

Correspondence Course
Carolee Schneemann '59
More Than Meat Joy
Carolee Schneemann '59
Imaging Her Erotics
Carolee Schneemann '59


Becoming: A Gender Flip Book
Yishay Garbasz '04
The Castle in Transylvania
Translation by
Charlotte Mandell '90

The New Antiquity
Tim Davis '91
Holy City on the Nile
Robert S. Kramer '79
In the Garden with Dr. Carver
Susan Grigsby '82
A Millrock Writers Sampler
Tom Nolan '84
Dictionaire Universel du Pain
with articles by
Jim Chevallier '72
Vsevolod Meyerhold
Gerard Abensour '51
Distillations and Siphonings
Jonathan Greene '65


Matt Taibbi '94
Zandra Rhodes: Textile Revolution
Samantha Safer '04

Unifying Hinduism

Andrew J. Nicholson '94

Moving Blanket
Kostas Anagnopoulos '99

Cambodian Dancers
Translation by
Pedro Rodriguez '98

Mourning Wars
Karen Steinmetz '74

My Spiritual Journey
Translation by
Charlotte Mandell '90


Photographs by
Lisa Kereszi '95
Translation by
Charlotte Mandell '90
I Can Help
David Hyde Costello '94
Legal Tender
John Griffith Urang '97
Three Ladies Beside the Sea
Rhoda Levine '53
Knee Surgery
Daniel Fulham O'Neill '79
Jane Evelyn Atwood
Jane Evelyn Atwood '70
A Separate Cinema
John Kisch '76
Marina Man
Jonathan Schwartz '64
The Buddha & the Borderline
Kiera Van Gelder '93
Six Degrees of Paris Hilton
Mark Ebner '82
The White Hairs
Noah Mullette-Gillman '95
Hollywood, Interrupted
Mark Ebner '82
Dreams of Difference, Songs of the Same
Amy Herzog '94
My Baby Rides the Short Bus
Jennifer (Horenstein) Silverman '94
Songs of the Marrow Bone
Marc Erdrich '65
What's Your Exit?
Joe Vallese '04, MAT '05

From the Sleep of Waters
Richard Lewis '58