NEA Literature Translation Fellow Charlotte Mandell '90 was recently profiled in the NEA publication Art Works.

Comedian Dan Wilbur '09 has started a website, Better Book Titles, that has been written up on, Amazon's blog, The Millions, The Chicago Tribune, Comedy Central Insider, and the Huffington Post. Here's the HuffPost nod.

Three Ladies Beside the Sea, the marvelous children's book first published in 1963 by Rhoda Levine '53 and Edward Gorey, has been reissued (and is getting noticed once again).

Roger Phillips '53's recent one-man show in Manhattan was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal, "Engineered Beauty."

Painter Nikko Sedgwick '88 has a one-man show at the Ober Gallery in Kent, Connecticut (see DOWN THE ROAD below). The Litchfield Times published a preview, "'Parlor Games' for Kent." 

Did you happen to hear the story recently on This American Life about a woman who was pen pals with Manuel Noriega when she was a child? Turns out, that's Sarah York '99. Click to listen to "Who Put the "Pistol" in "Epistolary?"
Radical, influential performance artist Carolee Schneemann '59 has been named a recipient of the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Women's Caucus for Art. Click for more information about this prestigious award.

Mariel Fiori '05 was recently featured on Democracy Now! (click here for audio, in Spanish) and won a Dutchess County 2010 Arts Award.

Artist Gandalf Gavan '98 was recently profiled in The Brooklyn Rail

In late June, The New York Times ran a dramatic article about Awet Eyob, a basketball player who escaped the cruel government policies of Eritrea in hopes of playing and studying in the United States, "In Eritrea, the Young Dream of Leaving." Head basketball coach Adam Turner '06 took note and got to work. We are happy to announce that Awet Eyob '14 just finished L&T, and is beginning his Bard career.

Remember your favorite courses at Bard? Ever wonder what students have to choose from these days? Click here to peruse this semester's course list; you'll be amazed.

 Dorothy Lasker '48 and Gerry Rosenblum '48
Photo from the exhibition
Bard in Black and White: Selections from the Bard College Archives

Dear ,

It's all business here in Annandale; students are back, classes have started, and fliers are up proclaiming that the Bard Sacred Harp Singers "do it louder," the new Fire Dancing Club is looking for members, and SMOG has a full lineup of excellent shows.
Next week I'm going with 73 other Bardians to see the Yankees vs. the Tampa Bay Rays (my first baseball game). October 16th is Alumni/ae Day - a fall Saturday in Annandale, which includes writing, science, and photography classes, an alumni/ae vs. varsity basketball game, lunch with Leon at his house, and the opening of our new archival photo exhibition Bard in Black and White: Selections from the Bard College Archives. Come to Bard for the's on us! Online registration for the day will be up soon, but e-mail us at if you'd like to reserve your spot now.

I hate to buy into the idea that summer is over, but as my son started kindergarten today, I have to. I hope you enjoyed your summer, and that you crossed paths with at least one other Bardian along the way. Chances are that you did.


(aka Jane Brien '89, Director of Alumni/ae Affairs)

P.S. I've recently been in touch with Rabia Hashmi '10, who returned to Pakistan after graduating in May. She has been involved with flood relief and would welcome hearing from other Bardians interested in learning more about the work she's doing at

Alumni/ae are invited to attend a Faculty Book Celebration in honor of photographer Tim Davis '91's latest publication, The New Antiquity. The reception will take place at Finberg House at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, September 13. Call the Alumni/ae Office for details at 1-800-BARDCOL.

The D.C. Cities Party is being reborn. All alumni/ae in the area are invited to a Bard Cities Party cook out at the home of Pia Carusone '03 on Saturday, September 25. Details here.   

Bard is a nominating institution for The Luce Scholars Program, an exchange program focusing on college graduates 30 and under who are interested in Asia, but didn't major in Asian Studies. Applications are due in November. If you're interested in applying, contact Dean of Studies David Shein
Bard's Citizen Science Program, an intensive introduction to the sciences for all first-year undergraduate students is poised to begin in January 2011. This innovative program is designed "to take science learning beyond the laboratory and give students the tools, attitudes, and motivation to use science and mathematics concepts in their daily lives." Citizen Science will be held over a three-week intersession period each January. The program is already being discussed on the Web. Here's the College's press release for full details.

Bard has been named one of the "Top 10 Schools That Fly Under the Academic Radar - but Shouldn't" by, the interactive online college guide featuring tens of thousands of college reviews created by current college students. The Huffington Post and other media outlets have taken note...

Bard College at Simon's Rock ranks first in Washington Monthly's Annual College Guide.

Inside Higher Education published an in-depth piece on Bard's joint program with Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem, "Laying a Liberal Arts Education, On Shaky Ground."

Leon Botstein
was recently featured on NPR's Studio 360. Click here to listen or download the podcast.

Roger Berkowitz, assistant professor of political studies and human rights, and director of the Hannah Arendt Center, published "Why We Must Judge" in Democracy: A Journal of Ideas.

Numerous members of the Bard community gathered in Tivoli during a July heatwave to take part in the annual Edible Sculpture Contest. Started four years ago by Bard faculty members Tim Davis '91 (a
photographer) and his wife, painter Lisa Sanditz, this year's contest made it to the Huffington Post (with a slide show, and video): "Art You Can Eat."

Spiral Jetty with Peppers
Edible Sculpture Contest entry by visiting
 studio art professor Kenji Fujita

DOWN THE ROAD EVENTS (including three involving Bard professors)
Recently added events include exhibitions by professors Judy Pfaff and An-My Le in New York City, Lisa Kereszi '95 in New Haven and Atlanta, Nikko Sedgwick '88 in Kent, Connecticut, and Carrie Moyer '02 in Saratoga Springs; a play by poet and professor Robert Kelly, directed by Crichton Atkinson '05 and involving Zoe Morris '09, Joanne Tucker '05, Richard Saudek '05, and Andrew Lush '05, being performed in Woodstock; Christopher Tignor '98 and his band Slow Six performing in Hudson; and Elizabeth Askren '05 conducting a performance in Paris. Click here to see the full details of these events, and here to submit an event for the October, 2010 Annandale Triangle.