John J. Curran ’75 Journalism Lectures



Bard's John J. Curran Journalism Lectures honor John J. Curran ’75, whose dedication to ethical reporting in journalism informed a trusting readership for over a quarter of a century and promoted a culture of honesty, integrity, and truth in those with whom he worked and mentored. He was a proud member of Bard's Class of 1975. 

Curran viewed his career in journalism as a calling that allowed him to see the world and learn about global markets, people and businesses.  His thoughtful and provocative stories won Curran many awards, including the Time Inc. Luce Award in 2001 for commissioning a story on international terrorism, which was published six months before the September 11th terrorist attacks. While Curran immersed himself in the technical and often-complex subjects he covered, he developed a keen ability to explain these subjects with a simplicity that let readers grasp the full impact of business decisions.

Curran wrote and served in various editorial roles for print and web publications including Fortune, Money, Mutual Funds, Corporate Board Member Magazine,, and He was a weekly Business Correspondent at NBC News for a decade and provided commentary for television news programs on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and PBS.  

Curran was a treasured mentor, holding others to a high standard of performance where the process of writing and the ethics of gathering and sharing the story were as important as the final published product. To that end, the John J. Curran Journalism Lectures will examine challenges that the field of journalism faces through discussions led by the world’s most trusted and respected journalists.  The lectures will launch on October 5, 2015, on the Bard College campus as part of the Written Arts Senior Colloquium and at the Time Life building in New York on October 26, 2015 with both discussions led by Carol Loomis.

To make a donation to the John J. Curran Journalism Lectures please click here.  Curran wished to be remembered not for his battle with ALS, but, professionally, for his impact as a journalist who could convey a greater understanding in the world. Bard College and the Curran family hope to keep the discussion about responsible journalism at the fore. Thank you in advance for your support.