Bard College Alumni/ae Association Board of Governors


                                                              Photo Credit: Karl Rabe

What is the Board of Governors?

The work of the Bard College Alumni/ae Association is done through the active participation of alumni/ae on the committees of the Board of Governors. This volunteer board is composed of alumni/ae from all eras of Bard's history who serve as ambassadors of the College.

Mission Statement

The Bard College Alumni/ae Association exists to strengthen the Bard community by informing alumni/ae about the ongoing life of the College and its alumni/ae, promoting interactions between all alumni/ae, and encouraging lifelong connection, support, and loyalty to the College.

Executive Committee Officers

Brandon Weber ’97, President
KC Serota ’04, Vice President
Lindsay Stanley ’12, Secretary/Treasurer

Committee Chairs and Descriptions

Career Connections
Boriana Handjiyska ’02
Anna Neverova ’07
Fosters networking opportunities for Bard alumni/ae in key areas of interest: education, arts, and nonprofits; sciences; and business and finance.

Career Connections Activities

Coordinate spring and fall gatherings for alumni/ae by discipline/areas of interest. Strategize on how Alumni/ae Association can support professional interests. Serve as resource/mentor to recent graduates and Career Development Office.

Chair(s) TBA
Utilize social networking to share news of the College today, and connect with alumni/ae.

Communications Activities

Keep informed on new technologies and methods of communication in higher ed. Work with the Office of Alumni/ae Affairs to remain relevant and up to date in communications practices in order to best serve the alumni/ae population. Suggest ideas for inclusion in the Triangle, the Bardian and other publications (email and print). Assist Alumni/ae Office in building a web presence for the Board of Governors.

Kathleya Chotiros '98
Work with the Board of Governors to set and achieve fundraising goals for the board and for alumni/ae. Develop and facilitate the College's connection with alumni/ae, and alumni/ae with students.

Development Activities

Educate the Board on fundraising and actively encourage and empower them to bring more donors (of any level) to the College through their social networks and areas of interest. Some Committee members will focus on Planned Giving activities and promotion.

Evan Nicole Brown ’16
Genya Shimkin '08
Diversity in the Bard context includes issues beyond race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, and international student communities. The committee works to assist with networking and support for current students and young alumni/ae.

Diversity Activities

Organizing regular gatherings for networking and discussion. Plan educational and stimulating events that will be of interest to diverse population of alumni/ae. Working with faculty and staff at Bard who work with students and issues of diversity on campus. Assist as mentors or contacts for prospective students or admitted students with questions.

Randy Faerber ’73
George Smith ’82

Develop ideas for, promote, and attend events that are designed to engage and attract Bard alumni/ae.

Events Activities

Respond to cochairs with ideas, attend events and encourage attendance from other alumni/ae. May involve calling or emailing to invite people to events, working with co-chairs and Alumni/ae Office to facilitate details.

Peter McCabe ’70
Walter Swett ’96

Recommend members for the Board of Governors and recognize extraordinary achievements by alumni/ae by making nominations to the College for awards and alumni/ae honorary degrees.

Nominations Activities

Research alumni/ae history and activities of present alumni/ae; solicit nomination for officers and members of the board and its committees; research, seek out, and report to the Board on candidates for Bard Medal, Alumni/ae Honorary Degree, and other awards authorized by the College especially the Bard Medal.

Oral History
Paul Margolis '76
Michael Shapiro '75
Work with the chair and the Bard archivist to capture oral histories of alumni/ae from their time at Bard.

Oral History Activities

Strategize with chair and archivist on using Skype to obtain histories remotely; research and contact alumni/ae to participate; volunteer during Alumni/ae and Commencement Weekends to be in recording studio and draw in participants.

Strategic Planning
Malia Du Mont '95
Develop overall strategies and measurable actions which the Board of Governors can take to address needs and relevant issues.

Strategic Planning Activities

Develops specific, measurable actions and directions designed to reach the objectives established. Strategies are fulfilled through creation, continuation, change, or elimination of programs. Define the aims of the Bard College Alumni/ae Association in light of needs and relevant issues.

Young Alumni/ae
Mollie Meikle '03
Encourage involvement of recent alumni/ae.

Young Alumni/ae Activities

Plan the Holiday Party After-Party, and take the lead on the Bard Cities Parties in the spring.

Bard Music Festival Junior Committee
Anna Neverova '07

BMF Activities


Young Alumni/ae Advisory Council (YAAC), Center for Civic Engagement
Genya Shimkin '08
The CCE Young Alumni/ae Advisory Council (YAAC) is a new leadership committee that seeks to represent the broad range of interests in CCE’s activities. While students at Bard, YAAC members may have participated in programs or received awards that now fall under the CCE umbrella, including the Trustee Leader Scholar program (TLS), the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program (BGIA), the Program in International Education (PIE), Model UN, Debate, BardWorks, Community Action Awards, or one of a wide array of activities that distinguish the Bard College network of institutions.

YAAC Activities

Develop and implement initiatives that link students and alumni/ae, foster a culture of giving, and support the programs of the College’s Center for Civic Engagement.