Bard Launch



1. Who is eligible to apply to be a part of Bard Launch?  
Bard Launch is open to students with ambition and drive. Student clubs receiving student activity funds and individuals receiving Community Action Awards are not eligible to apply. Bard Launch is not a venue for study abroad or tuition-based fund-raising.
  • Community-Based Projects: Teams can be as large as needed; however, organizers should keep in mind that large groups have a tendency to be less effective. Smaller groups with clearly established roles are recommended. Interested students should first consult with CCE Associate Director Erin Cannan to discuss the ideas and proposals in order to ensure a fit for the Bard Launch program. Dean Cannan can be reached at or 845-758-7453.
  • Academic Projects: Students interested in academic opportunities, creating original works, or conducting research are eligible to apply for a Bard Launch academic project. Interested students should first consult with Dean of Studies David Shein to discuss the proposal and ensure it’s a proper fit for the Bard Launch program. Dean Shein can be reached at
2. What is the application process?
Project leaders should complete the application on the Bard Launch site.
3. When should interested students apply to Bard Launch?
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Bard Launch campaigns will run for approximately six weeks, allowing CCE to sponsor two rounds each semester. Students should apply for a campaign at least one month prior to an anticipated fundraising launch date. Be mindful of your own project timeline before submitting an application.
4. Who will choose the projects that will appear on Bard Launch?
A committee comprising staff from Bard College’s Center for Civic Engagement, the Office of Development and Alumni/ae Affairs, and the Dean of Studies Office.
5. What criteria will the committee use to select Bard Launch projects?
Projects must be student driven and will be selected based on the effectiveness of the proposed plan, clarity of purpose, timelines, and budget. Successful projects will combine creativity and innovative planning with good organization. Students must be prepared to provide regular updates to donors, which requires a well thought out communication plan.
6. If my/our project is chosen, how long will it remain on the Bard Launch website?
The maximum amount of time a project will remain on the Bard Launch site will be six weeks.
7. Is there a maximum or minimum amount of funding that can be requested for a Bard Launch project?
No. But your team’s goal should be realistic based upon the project goal and the designated time period during which it will be highlighted on the Bard Launch site.
8. What happens once my project is fully funded?
The Center for Civic Engagement will coordinate placing the funds into your student project account (which should be set up prior to submitting your application.)
9. What happens if my project does not get fully funded?
If your project does not get fully funded, we will work with you to utilize your funds raised to support some aspect of your project.
10. If my project is chosen, who will promote it?
Although the Bard Launch website is run jointly by the staff at the Center for Civic Engagement, the Office of Development and Alumni/ae Affairs, and the Dean of Studies Office, all projects are student driven, including the fund-raising campaign. Student teams should be prepared to promote the project to their own network of friends, family, and colleagues. Projects will be posted on CCE's social media channels regularly, but students will be solely responsible for driving traffic to the site and generating awareness about their project.

For potential donors

1. Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. Bard Launch donations are made directly to Bard College, which is a tax-exempt non-profit institution.
2. How can I donate to a Bard Launch project? Only online, by check, or other methods?
Donations can be made online at the Bard Launch website. Cash donations and checks (made out to Bard College) must be given directly to a team member responsible for submitting the donation to the Center for Civic Engagement, where all project donations are processed.
3. How long will each project be active?
All chosen projects will be highlighted on the Bard Launch website for a maximum of six weeks.
4. Will I receive updates about the project I have chosen to support?
Yes, donors will receive updates from project leaders or teams, and regular updates will be posted on the Bard Launch project page website.
5. Once a project has been fully funded, how soon will the funds be released to the team?
Funds will be released to the student or team within thirty days of reaching their goal.
6. What if the project I have supported is not fully funded and does not reach its goal? Where will my money go?
If a project is not fully funded, the Center for Civic Engagement will work with each student or group to find ways to support another aspect of their project.
7. Who will oversee the spending of funds for the Bard Launch projects?
Bard’s Center for Civic Engagement will oversee the spending for all Bard Launch projects.