Bard Launch



Bard Launch is a microphilanthropy platform that supports Bard student-led initiatives. Bard Launch allows students to pursue positive change, both locally and globally, through crowdfunded projects.  Bard Launch projects raise funds, but more importantly, they build community around a common goal of improving lives and supporting the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Bard students engaged in the world around them.

Bard Launch projects are student-led initiatives that come in two forms:

  • community-based projects, either on or off campus, that meet an identified need; or
  • academically oriented projects that help students enhance their academic experience.

Community-based projects are conceptualized, designed, and executed entirely by teams of Bard students. Academically oriented projects may be individual or team projects that allow students to take advantage of academic opportunities such as conferences, research, etc.

How it Works

Projects that want to fundraise using Bard Launch are submitted online and screened by a committee of faculty and staff from the Center for Civic Engagement, the Dean of Studies Office, and the Office of Development and Alumni/ae Affairs. The committee chooses projects based on criteria found on the FAQ page. 

Selected projects are showcased on Bard Launch for approximately six weeks. During this time, project leaders reach out to their network of friends, family, and colleagues to help meet their fundraising goal. Each project provides regular updates that can be viewed by visiting the Bard Launch website.

Bard Launch is dedicated to bringing together students and members of the broader Bard community who share an interest in a common goal.  For details about submitting your project to Bard Launch, visit the Apply and FAQ pages.