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Bard Launch Application


Before you submit this application, please carefully read the application guidelines below.

1. Defining your project.

The most vital step for a successful project is having a focused and well-defined project plan. Since your project will be highlighted on the Bard Launch website for a maximum of six weeks, your plan should have a clear beginning and end with enough lead time to raise funds before a program or project begins. Leaving the project open-ended makes it difficult for donors to have clear expectations of the project goals and impacts your ability to complete a project. Make sure that the project’s goals are clear, transparent and finite. Create a project outline incorporating key elements including: title, goals, budget, fundraising and communications plan, outreach, imagery, etc. Take your time and think it through.

2. Budget

Carefully consider your fund-raising goals for the Bard Launch campaign. Consider the following costs: travel, registration, transportation, materials, lodging, and equipment. Be clear and detailed. Donors want to see how their donations will be used and applied.

3. Describe Your Project

A description of your project will appear on the project page of the Bard Launch website. Both the title and the project description should be clear and memorable. Your goal is to tell the story of your project using a compelling, concise narrative. Successful crowdfunding campaigns must include well-crafted and relatable narratives.

4. Outreach

Bard and the CCE are not responsible for promoting your campaign. Students are primarily responsible for communicating with potential donors. Ask yourself: How do you intend to promote your project to generate awareness and gain financial support? What social media and personal networks can you tap into? Be creative and thoughtful about promoting your project. Funding comes from a variety of sources—your friends, your family, and broader social networks.

5. Video

Projects with videos succeed at a much higher rate. One of the best ways to get a feel for the need, motivation and character of a project is through video. When making a project video introduce yourself (and your team if applicable); tell the story of your project, including where or how you got the idea, the need addressed by the project, and the project’s goals.
Bard Launch Application
Please read the application guide before starting. This application cannot be saved and completed at a later time so we suggest you write your answers in a Word document and then cut and paste into the application. Questions? Need help? Contact us at

Applicant Information
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About the Project
Project Leader name:
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Is this an individual or team project?
Names of Project Team members
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Project name:
Is this a new initiative or a continuation of an existing program?
If the project is a continuation, tell us about its history and what part of the project needs funding. (For existing projects, an emphasis should be placed on new initiatives within the project.)
What inspired this project?
(100 words or less)
Project description (goal and purpose):
(500 words or less)
How will donations be used to achieve your purpose?
Proposed Start Date:
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Proposed Stop Date:
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Fundraising goal:
Project budget
(Be as specific as possible. If this is part of a larger project, please make that clear.)
How will you keep in touch with and update your donors?

The total of all uploaded files cannot exceed 10MB. If the video forces the total to above 10MB, please email a video link to telling us the name of your project that connect with the video.


Upload a photo of yourself (individual project) or the team (team project).
Please upload any additional photos related to your project here. (Please ensure you have signed release forms for anyone in the photos.)
Please upload any additional photos related to your project here. (Please ensure you have signed release forms for anyone in the photos.)
Please upload any additional photos related to your project here. (Please ensure you have signed release forms for anyone in the photos.)
Upload a video about your project here. (Max of 10MB for all uploaded files, including photos.)