About AnnandaleOnline


AnnandaleOnline is a way to connect you to Bard and to Bardians. Stay in touch with friends, network with Bard’s 12,000 alumni/ae worldwide, and keep up with life in Annandale.

  • Your profile lets fellow Bardians know what you’re up to, and how best to contact you. You share what you want and control who sees it.
  • Use the alumni/ae directory to find Bardians you know and those you don’t. Meet up for coffee or find your new mentor.
  • See upcoming events, both in Annandale and your locale. Whether it’s by Bardians for Bardians or organized by the Bard College Alumni/ae Association, you’ll find it here.
  • Submit a class note to let your classmates know what you’re up to. Whether it's new work, new school, new family, or new anything—we want to know.
  • Keep up with Bard news through the Triangle e-newsletter, the Bardian magazine, alumni/ae profiles, and more.